Terra Classic Price Prediction: LUNC Navigates Price Decline; Bullish Sentiment Holds for QUBE


The cryptocurrency market has been in the news recently for chiefly two reasons – one is the drop in Terra Classic price activity and the other is the bullish sentiment for InQubeta (QUBE). Despite being popular, the Terra Classic token has been witnessing negative price activity which is likely to hamper its prospects. On the other hand, Ethereum-based InQubeta’s strong presale growth and unique features have taken everyone by surprise. In terms of popularity, it has surpassed many top crypto coins in a short period.

The platform is a one-of-a-kind facility for startups leveraging artificial intelligence and helps them access authentic investment opportunities. It also sports a robust security framework that has been vetted by leading blockchain audit companies. Its presale process is currently in full swing and so far the crypto project has raked in over $2.3 million in funding.

InQubeta: Helping startups score investment opportunities

InQubeta has garnered a lot of praise for its state-of-the-art model where budding startups in the field of AI can unlock new opportunities by connecting with genuine investors. The investors benefit by being able to access future-facing projects before they hit the market and gain an early-mover advantage. The platform’s native token is called QUBE and serves as the official cryptocurrency of the InQubeta ecosystem. It is also used for processing all sorts of transactions on the network.

The QUBE token can be bought on presale, but buyers should know that it has a 12-week vesting period. Hence, a buyer would be able to access the purchased tokens only after the lock-in period expires. According to the InQubeta team, a vesting period helps it release the QUBE tokens in the market in a phased manner and not dump them in one go, which would create excessive supply and hamper the token price. With features like this, it’s not very surprising that analysts are calling the QUBE token one of the best crypto investments of 2023.

A notable factor about the QUBE token is that it has a deflationary model where the token supply is always maintained below the demanded level to create intentional scarcity. A limited supply does away with fluctuations in token price and shields its value against market volatility. If the supply ever increases more than the demand, the extra tokens are burned by sending them to the burn wallet.

Another USP that makes InQubeta a good crypto to buy is its decentralized governance structure where all stakeholders get the freedom to voice their opinions and participate in decision-making. For instance, if a community member wants to suggest some changes in the protocol, a proposal is put forward before the entire community, and members with voting rights vote for it. The changes would be implemented only if they are accepted by the community.

Any startup that is interested in exploring investment opportunities on InQubeta can start by deciding on what it would like to offer the investor in exchange. The offer, which could range from an equity share or a reward level, is tokenized and minted into an NFT. These NFTs are uploaded on InQubeta’s NFT marketplace where investors can assess them and purchase them using QUBE tokens.


Terra Classic: Combining price stability of fiat currencies with blockchain

Terra Classic is a decentralized protocol that powers global payment systems with fiat-pegged stablecoins. The platform amalgamates the widespread adoption of fiat currencies and their stability with Bitcon’s censorship-resistant framework to offer cost-effective services. Its native token is LUNC and it comes in handy while dealing with all transactional purposes on the network.

Terra Classic leverages the proof-of-stake consensus algorithm based on Tendermint to secure its network. Under the consensus protocol, LUNA token holders stake their coins to validate transactions and receive crypto rewards in exchange. Token holders can also delegate their staking privileges to other community members and then split the rewards. The LUNC price has remained range bound recently but analysts feel it could still navigate the price decline and turn bullish in the long term.


For many analysts, InQubeta is among the best altcoins to buy now as its growth potential gives it an edge over other popular tokens. The platform is equipped with the right tools to catalyze not only the startup sector but the DeFi ecosystem as well. It also enables startups to achieve new milestones by helping them access funding sources and benefits the investors too. The versatility of the platform makes it a good fit for diversifying portfolios of all kinds of crypto users. Head over to the QUBE presale and get a chance to accumulate this upcoming new cryptocurrency.

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