The #1 CopyTrading Exchange-Bitget Turns 5, $100 Bonus for Newcomers

Who Are Bitget?:

Five years ago, a visionary group of traditional finance experts and innovators embarked on a journey to reshape the digital landscape. Inspired by Nakamoto Satoshi’s vision of a more equitable financial system, Bitget emerged as a beacon of innovation. Born during the bear market of 2018, Bitget has always been driven by the belief that cryptocurrencies are destined to be a cornerstone of the global financial system. The name “Bitget” symbolizes our unwavering mission: to champion mainstream crypto adoption, echoing Satoshi’s sentiments in the Bitcoin White Paper.

Bitget Turns 5:

Over the past half-decade, Bitget has been at the forefront of the crypto revolution:

  • 2018: Bitget’s inception during the bear market.
  • 2019: Pioneering the launch of USDT-M Futures trading.
  • 2020: Introduction of the groundbreaking copy trading product, with over 110,000 experts joining since.
  • 2021: Hosting the inaugural KCGI trading competition, witnessing participation from 7,467 seasoned traders and distributing over 500,000 USDT in rewards.
  • 2022: Forming a historic partnership with football legend Lionel Messi and broadening our spectrum of investment products and DeFi services.
  • 2023: Bitget’s native token (BGB) reached an all-time high of US$0.515241 in February.

Bitget’s Stellar Ranking:

In 2023, Bitget proudly secured the #5 spot on Coin Market Cap, a testament to our relentless pursuit of excellence and commitment to our users.

Bitget’s Commitment to Transparency and User Safety:

Transparency and user-safety are a key focus to Bitget’s broad mission. User security is our priority. The Bitget Protection Fund gives our platform an extra layer of resilience against cybersecurity threats. In addition to our Proof of Reserves, the fund shows that we’re committed to protecting your assets, and that we operate with transparency and integrity. Users who have their accounts compromised or assets stolen or lost due to events not attributable to their own actions or trading behavior may make a claim through the Bitget Protection Fund. In July 2022, we rolled out our US$200 million Bitget Protection Fund as part of our user-centric approach and thus became the first centralised exchange to put in determined efforts to safeguard users’ assets. After the demise of FTX, we increased the fund’s value to US$300 million with a commitment to maintain this value in three years to restore the market’s trust in centralised exchanges (CEXs). The fund is currently valued at $350Million today.

  • Transparency Reports: Released quarterly, these reports offer a candid look into Bitget’s growth, operations, and financial health. All reports are accessible on our website.
  • Protection Fund: Established in July 2022 with an initial value of US$200 million, the Bitget Protection Fund epitomizes our dedication to user security. Following the unfortunate demise of FTX, we bolstered the fund to US$300 million, vowing to maintain this for three years to reaffirm market trust in centralized exchanges. Currently valued at $350 million, the fund stands as a testament to Bitget’s commitment to safeguarding user assets in an ever-evolving crypto landscape.
  • Proof Of Reserves: Bitget ensures 100% reserves of user assets, publishing our Merkle Tree proof, platform reserves, and reserve ratio monthly. With a total reserve ratio of 208%, Bitget guarantees the security of user assets. Our open-source code for proof of reserves is available on GitHub, underscoring our commitment to transparency.

Bitget’s Unique Offerings for the EN Market:

  • Welcome Bonus: Deposit $100 and receive a $100 bonus.
  • Welcome Bonus: Deposit $50 and receive a $50 bonus.
  • 50% Cashback: An irresistible offer for our valued users.
  • 0% Transfer Fees: Absolutely no fees for UK bank and credit card deposits.
  • KYC for EN Region: Ensuring compliance and security for our users. KYC is advised but not enforced throughout EN regions; UK, CA and AU.

The Future of Bitget:

Bitget stands as the world’s premier copy trading exchange. Our flagship product, Bitget One-Click Copy Trade, has revolutionized the trading experience, fostering a collaborative environment where seasoned traders and novices can mutually benefit. With over 100,000 traders, 410,000 followers, and more than 100 million trades, Bitget is the undisputed leader in crypto copy trading.

Our commitment to liquidity, security, and compliance sets us apart. We pride ourselves on our impeccable security record and our dedication to adhering to global regulations. Our partnership with decentralized data warehousing service provider Space and Time (SxT) further cements our reputation as a trailblazer in the crypto world.

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