The Team Who First Applied Mpc to Crypto Is Building Defi on Bitcoin

Spatium, a developer of Wallet-as-a-Service products for neobanks and exchanges, launches its own solution designed to enable DeFi on Bitcoin.

The Multi-party Computation (MPC) chain, built by Spatium, empowers non-custodial wallet, cross-chain P2P, staking and lending on top of Bitcoin blockchain. The wallet will be available on iOS and Android platforms in February with other features coming later this year. Spatium was the first to apply MPC to non-custodial wallets in 2017 and since then has been simplifying Web3 experience without compromising the security.

“Our journey began with a commitment to simplicity and security in 2017, and today, we are thrilled to introduce our own vision of Bitcoin DeFi powered by MPC,” announced Vasili Paulau, CEO at Spatium.

The wallet combines functionality and simplicity, making cryptocurrency accessible to a broader audience. Seed phrase is replaced with social logins and cloud backup. It brings the support of BRC-20 token standard and ordinals to all enthusiasts. Future plans include feeless transactions, MPC-powered staking and lending.

“As of today, users that want to exchange Bitcoin for Ethereum have to use centralized solutions with full trust of funds to third parties or use atomic swaps which cost a lot. Our first step towards the DeFi would be pioneering P2P cross-chain swaps on top of Bitcoin, powered by MPC. They deliver a 1.8x reduction in blockchain fees compared to other decentralized alternatives and are designed with zero-trust”, notes Vasili Paulau, CEO at Spatium.

With a focus on easy onboarding, seamless yet secure backup processes, feeless transactions where blockchain commission is paid by any token, blockchain agnostic exchange, and the elimination of Web3 complexities – Spatium sets a new standard for intuitive crypto experiences.

“At Spatium, we envision a crypto experience as smooth and intuitive as popular Web2 applications. Our non-custodial wallet enhances this vision, emphasizing simplicity without compromising security,” stated Vasili Paulau, CEO at Spatium.
Spatium’s wallet leverages technologies and tools to bridge the gap between Web2 and Web3, ensuring even those unfamiliar with blockchain concepts can navigate the space effortlessly, securely and being able to cover blockchain fees with any currency.

“We are always exploring new opportunities together with our community to bring new values to crypto enthusiasts and those who have just joined Web3. Our next big focus is to build the DeFi on Bitcoin – the first public blockchain in history. To build it in the most transparent, secure and simple way allowing anyone to benefit from the next generation of finance. Wallet launch with BRC-20 support is only the first step to provide the ultimate Bitcoin experience” emphasized Vasili Paulau, CEO at Spatium.

About Spatium:

Spatium pioneered non-custodial solutions since 2017 being the first to apply MPC to non-custodial wallets by eliminating the Private Key and seed phrase. Spatium iOS and Android wallet allows to easily store, buy, sell, swap and earn on more than 1000 cryptocurrencies. Spatium’s mission is to break adoption barriers for Web3 allowing anyone to benefit from a decentralized economy based on Bitcoin.

Spatium Links: Website | X | Linkedin | Medium | Facebook

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