The World Blockchain Summit Took Place Last Month

One of the biggest and longest running blockchain events in the world, the World Blockchain Summit, took place last month in the Asian country of Singapore. It was presented by NORDEK, a leading web3 gaming solution and payment network that recently created its own Singapore-based digital currency exchange called Coin Store.

The World Blockchain Summit was This Year’s Hit

The World Blockchain Summit seeks to give all newcomers to the blockchain arena a chance to show off their products and services to traders, investors, and crypto fans everywhere. Sharath Ravi – CMO of Trescon – explained in a recent interview:

We are excited to have NORDEK be a part of the World Blockchain Summit in Singapore.  Partnerships like this align with our objective to empower businesses with the transformative solutions of blockchain-based solutions. The World Blockchain Summit in Singapore is a showcase of the latest innovations and provides attendees with valuable insights, actionable strategies, and exceptional networking opportunities.

Raajessh Kashyap – the CEO of NORDEK – also threw his two cents into the mix, commenting:

We are thrilled to showcase NORDEK and its innovative features at the World Blockchain Summit Singapore 2023 and to launch some new products at the event. Our vision is to build a blockchain ecosystem that is accessible and user-friendly for both businesses and consumers. NORDEK is well-positioned to accelerate the widespread adoption of web3 payments with its technology and comprehensive portfolio of services. WBS will give us the right platform and visibility to bring our innovations to masses.

In addition to discussing some of the major topics in today’s blockchain world (some of this year’s subjects and seminars included “What Web 3.0 Means for Enterprises,” “NFT Market Overview: Trends & Opportunities,” “Value Creation in the Metaverse,” and “Looking into the Future of Web3”), there were also plenty of networking opportunities available to all in attendance.

The World Blockchain Summit seeks to open doors for future collaboration through which potential crypto players can get together on certain projects and lend their ideas, thoughts, and input to potentially make those projects all they can be and enhance the ever-growing digital currency space.

The event featured discussions from some of the world’s biggest blockchain heads and experts. Lastly, there were also chances for blockchain entrepreneurs and business owners to garner funds and market their projects to potential investors looking to grow their company rosters.

So Much Potential

A part of Trescon, the World Blockchain Summit is one of the fastest growing organizers of emerging tech B2B events. Those in charge have more than 20 years of experience putting together things like expos, conferences, and similar events throughout the globe.

NORDEK boasts a powerful ecosystem with lightning speeds. Users of NORDEK can create code and develop tailored solutions for both blockchain-based gaming and payment platforms.

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