TON Foundation Partners Chainbase and Tencent Cloud to Foster Blockchain Development in Asia-Pacific

The Open Network (TON) Foundation has announced today that it has officially collaborated with Chainbase and Tencent Cloud. The partnership aims to revolutionise the development of blockchain technology and foster web3 adoption across the Asia-Pacific region.

According to the announcement, the partnership will see Chainbase leveraging its extensive experience in data indexing and querying to introduce the first data indexing product on TON. This innovation will enable the free utilization, querying, and analysis of all TON data to cater to developers’ unique use cases.

Tencent Cloud, on the other hand, will bring its formidable resources to the table as a global cloud computing powerhouse. The platform will offer robust computing capabilities and an optimized network infrastructure. Having already supported TON validators, Tencent Cloud is now poised to expand its services further to accommodate TON’s substantial computational and bandwidth demands.

Prior to the new development, TON Foundation played a crucial role in launching Wallet in Telegram, a cornerstone of the Web3 ecosystem infrastructure. Following the partnership, developers can harness Tencent Cloud and TON’s tools to acquire and onboard users seamlessly, ensuring a user-friendly experience.

Notably, Tencent Cloud will extend its support to web applications and bots created within the Telegram ecosystem, including Telegram games built on TON, which will benefit from its enriched gaming solutions and reference cases. Additionally, Tencent Cloud will offer cloud credits and product discounts to projects built on TON through the Tencent Cloud Startup Program.

Justin Hyun, Head of Growth at TON Foundation, expressed optimism about the new partnership, saying, “Our collaboration with Tencent Cloud is the latest milestone in our journey to accelerate the global adoption of blockchain technology. By joining forces, we can leverage our combined expertise to drive the development of technological solutions built on-chain. We are committed to working closely with Chainbase and Tencent Cloud to provide developers the tools they need to deliver transformative TON-based solutions to industries and users worldwide.”

While the partnership is concerned with boosting the adoption of blockchain technology in emerging markets like the Asia-Pacific region, Chainbase also revealed that its enterprise node deployment service will offer low-latency and highly reliable blockchain connectivity, empowering Web3 projects and developers on TON to achieve more with less effort.

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