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August 31, 2023 – New York City, New York

The acquisition and rebrand of Hiro Wallet by Trust Machines gives Leather a unique opportunity to fulfill an increasing demand for Web 3.0 on Bitcoin.

Trust Machines, the company building the largest ecosystem of Bitcoin applications, today announced the launch of its flagship wallet brand, Leather.

Leather is a Bitcoin wallet with one mission in mind driving the global transition to a digital economy built on Bitcoin.

Leather Wallet LLC is now a subsidiary of Trust Machines, through an acquisition of wallet assets from Hiro Systems PBC.

From DeFi to DLCs to Ordinals and beyond, Leather will accelerate its role as the premier access point for the growing Bitcoin ecosystem, giving users the opportunity to make the most of their Bitcoin holdings via emerging Web 3.0 apps and protocols.

Historically, the wallet supported the Stacks layer two functionality along with Bitcoin Ordinals.

The new Leather brand is more than just a name change, with Leather looking to create a bridge between Bitcoin and all emerging layer two solutions, providing a seamless experience for users to move and use assets between layers depending on their application needs.

Muneeb Ali, CEO and co-founder of Trust Machines, said,

“Bitcoin wallets are the window through which the world will interact with the revolutionary technology of Bitcoin and digital assets built on Bitcoin.

“To take Bitcoin to a billion users, we need to make Bitcoin and Bitcoin layer twos simple and intuitive to use.

“Leather reminds me of the revolutionary potential of Bitcoin and the transformative impact it has had on countless lives. Instilling trust and security through decentralization is a key factor of our Bitcoin wallet.”

Leather, a self-custodied, open-source and audited wallet, gives users the ability to do the following.

  • Secure and manage Bitcoin (BTC), Stacks layer two (STX) and other Bitcoin-secured assets like BRC-20
  • Deposit, view, create, trade and transfer Ordinals, Stacks NFTs and Bitcoin Stamps
  • Identify themselves across decentralized communities with BNS (Blockchain Name System) domain names
  • Explore Bitcoin DeFi protocols that are set to revolutionize how financial systems work
  • Access emerging Bitcoin layers and features like the Lightning Network, DLCs and Stacks along with their native mechanisms, like Stacking

Leather users can also connect to a myriad of platforms that have emerged as the bedrock of Bitcoin Web 3.0.

These include access to Bitcoin NFT marketplaces like Gamma and DEXs (decentralized exchanges) like ALEX and Velar.

Leather is already integrated with hundreds of apps and platforms, including Magic Eden, Rare Stamp,, UniSat, On Chain Monkey and more.

Mark Hendrickson, GM of Leather, said,

“Creating a Bitcoin wallet application is not merely about storing digital currency it’s about providing users with a gateway to the internet being built for tomorrow.

“This acquisition and rebrand will accelerate Leather’s efforts to drive the global transition to a digital economy based on Bitcoin, onboarding millions of people into Web 3.0 apps powered by Bitcoin and Bitcoin layers such as Stacks and Lightning.”

Prior to the acquisition and rebrand, the former Hiro Wallet had over 375,000 total installations, more than 100,000 monthly active users and transactions exceeding 300,000 on a monthly basis.

Porto Rocha, the New York-based design and branding agency, assisted in developing the brand new look and feel of Leather.

Users can begin their Bitcoin Web 3.0 journey with Leather today, through Leather’s browser extension compatible with Chrome, Firefox, Brave and Edge or Leather’s desktop application compatible with Windows, macOX and Linux.

Visit the website to learn more about Leather and create your own Bitcoin wallet.

About Leather 

Leather is a Bitcoin wallet that supports building apps on Bitcoin and Bitcoin layer twos like Stacks, with NFTs, Ordinals, Stamps, DLCs and much more.

Leather is now available as a browser extension for Chrome, Firefox, Brave and Edge. Leather is developed as a subsidiary of Trust Machines. Leather is Bitcoin for the rest of us.

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About Trust Machines

Trust Machines is leading the mission to advance the Bitcoin economy by building the biggest ecosystem of applications that utilize Bitcoin or settle on the Bitcoin blockchain.

Founded by Stacks co-creator Muneeb Ali and Princeton computer science professor JP Singh, Trust Machines is unlocking the trillion-dollar Bitcoin economy.

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Jayson Lynn, communications partner at Trust Machines

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