Trust Wallet reveals new crypto identity: “own your financial freedom”

Crypto news: Trust Wallet, a leading multi-chain wallet with autonomous custody, has announced a revamp of its corporate identity, adopting “own your financial freedom” as its key message.

The main goal of this change is to provide users with the tools and technology they need to trust themselves when it comes to their digital assets. 

As a reminder, Trust Wallet has accumulated more than 70 million downloads worldwide and supports about 100 different blockchains, enabling users to engage in a variety of activities, including crypto “staking” and cross-chain exchanges.

Trust Wallet: goals on financial education 

As anticipated, Trust Wallet, a leading multi-chain wallet with autonomous custody, today unveiled a significant crypto revamp of its brand. 

This update includes a new logo, a revamped application design, and an updated user interface. The main objective of these changes is to emphasize its core commitment to its users: self-trust.

Through this brand evolution, Trust Wallet aims to enhance access to Web3 for the general public by offering a carefully designed platform that combines a user-friendly approach with robust functionality.

Eowyn Chen, CEO of Trust Wallet, said the following about it: 

“This upgrade represents a pivotal milestone since our 2017 inception, marking the inaugural leap in our long-term strategy of empowering users’s financial freedom, with a series of upcoming updates.

Trust Wallet has evolved to become more than just a wallet—it’s now a trustworthy gateway to the Web3 world. Aligned with our core values of empowering users, we prioritize user trust and confidence as we help people navigate the complexities of the crypto universe.

By offering user-centric products and services, we’re equipping people with the essential tools and technology to confidently explore what Web3 has to offer, ultimately granting them the financial autonomy they deserve.”

Trust Wallet: the intuitive interface for the crypto and NFT worlds

Trust Wallet’s revamped appearance features a vibrant two-tone palette consisting of Trust Blue and Green. 

Both of these shades are designed to be universally accessible, meeting AAA compliance standards to ensure optimal visual accessibility. 

In addition, they fit perfectly in both light and dark modes. In addition to the visual appearance, these significant updates include improved navigation that provides seamless access to key features, such as wallet management and discovery of new tokens. 

A bold new shield logo emphasizes the platform’s stainless security, as also reiterated by Eowyn Chen: 

“Trust stands as a guardian of security, and an advocate for user empowerment. Our new Trust Wallet carries forward the simplicity and trustworthiness our users have always appreciated.”

As a reminder, Trust Wallet offers an intuitive interface that allows users to acquire, store, earn, and trade cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and manage other digital assets such as NFTs. 

Trust Wallet token (TWT) reveals bullish pattern with $1,000 target

The token Trust Wallet (TWT) recently manifested a double bottom pattern, generating considerable interest among investors in the previous trading session. 

Price analysis suggests an advance by the bullish, which has broken through the key moving averages, signaling a clear intention to reach the $1.0000 target. In addition, the TWT has shown a solid recovery from the support zone at $0.7000, with a spike in volume testifying to investor interest.

The price of the TWT token is approaching the $1.0000 level, garnering considerable following from buyers. The token has gained positive momentum, easily crossing the $0.9000 threshold, indicating that bears are in a downside position and that buyers are preparing for a possible hedging rally.

The TWT token price has accumulated gains and attracted buyer interest, with a spike in volume suggesting a change in sentiment. Now, buyers are trying to reverse the trend and capture the $1.0000 level. 

Technical analysis suggests that TWT could exceed expectations if it crosses the $1,000 threshold. In addition, the TWT price is close to the 50% level on the Fib zone and is above the 38.2% level, indicating a neutral situation on the charts.

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