Trust Wallet Seeks New Brand Identity in Largest Update for Web3 Accessibility

Trust Wallet Seeks New Brand Identity in Largest Update for Web3 Accessibility

On Monday, October 16, one of the most popular decentralized cryptocurrency wallets – Trust Wallet – shared the details regarding the much-awaited update. In the latest development, this multi-chain blue-chip self-custodial wallet unveiled its new brand identity.

This includes upgrading the new logo, enhanced user interface, and modern application design. Trust Wallet has initiated a redesign campaign with the slogan “Trust Yourself”, emphasizing its dedication to providing the best user experience for both beginners and experts.

This brand overhaul aims to enhance Web3 accessibility for a new generation of users by offering a well-designed platform that combines user-friendliness with powerful features. Speaking on the development, Trust Wallet CEO Eowyn Chen said:

“This upgrade represents a pivotal milestone since our 2017 inception, marking the inaugural leap in our long-term strategy of empowering users’s financial freedom, with a series of upcoming updates. Trust Wallet has evolved to become more than just a wallet—it’s now a trustworthy gateway to the Web3 world. Aligned with our core values of empowering users, we prioritize user trust and confidence as we help people navigate the complexities of the crypto universe. By offering user-centric products and services, we’re equipping people with the essential tools and technology to confidently explore what Web3 has to offer, ultimately granting them the financial autonomy they deserve.”

Trust Wallet Gets New Interface

Trust Wallet’s refreshed appearance features a dynamic two-tone color scheme, Trust Blue and Green, designed to meet the highest standards for visual accessibility. The interfaces are now adaptable to both light and dark modes.

As part of its UX/UI enhancement, the Trust Wallet team has introduced improved navigation, providing smooth access to features such as wallet-switching and token discovery. Additionally, a new shield logo has been introduced, symbolizing an unparalleled level of security across all Trust Wallet applications.

“Trust stands as a guardian of security, and an advocate for user empowerment. Our new Trust Wallet carries forward the simplicity and trustworthiness our users have always appreciated, ” noted Chen.

With its user-friendly interface, Trust Wallet facilitates the purchase, storage, earning, and swapping of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, along with the management of various digital assets including NFTs. It supports 16 languages, making it accessible across all continents, and has amassed over 70 million global downloads. Trust Wallet is compatible with approximately 100 blockchains and empowers users with activities like staking and cross-chain swaps.


Trust Wallet Seeks New Brand Identity in Largest Update for Web3 Accessibility

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