UK MPs Call for Fairer AI Rules to Prevent Exploitation of the Creative Industry

The UK’s Culture, Media, and Sport Committee has called on the government to urgently address the threats the creative industry faces from artificial intelligence (AI). Instead of banning AI companies from training models with creative data, the UK government should mediate small AI developers’ relationships with rights management companies and creative trade bodies.

The committee asserts the UK government must work to regain the trust of creative bodies after it allowed AI firms unrestricted access to text and data. Already, the head of UK Music said the government’s move opened the door to “music laundering.”

Culture Committee Calls on Government to Broaden Horizons Beyond AI

The committee says the government should balance the needs of the creatives with the tech sector. Its Cultural Education Plan should address the skills shortage in creative industries to “nurture the next generation of digital artists.”

“The Government’s initial handling of the text and data mining exemption to copyright for AI development… shows a clear lack of understanding of the needs of the UK’s creative industries.”

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YouTube’s upcoming Music AI Incubator attempts to relieve tensions between the creative and tech industries. Big stars from Universal Music Group will come together to discuss a mutually beneficial arrangement between labels and AI companies.

UMG has reportedly spoken to Google about a product to compensate creatives for music used in AI songs.

UK Still Hopes to Lead AI Conversation at Summit

The UK is holding its first global summit on AI in November and is reportedly working on an AI regulation white paper. It has also announced a $127 million investment in AI chips.

AI machine learning technologies will impact the economy the most by 2030 | Source: Statista

Labour Party spokesperson Lucy Powell said earlier this year the government should adopt laws to license AI developers in the nuclear and medical industries. Matt Clifford, the head of British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s AI committee, gives regulators just under two years before AI causes human extinction.

China has already introduced the first set of national AI rules to govern the development of products. Developers of AI products can only train models on information in line with socialism.

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