US Q3 GDP growth beats expectations as ECB holds steady

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Recent macroeconomic data highlights significant events in the international fiscal landscape. The European Central Bank (ECB) held its gun, maintaining the interest rate at the anticipated 4.5%.

This decision, widely expected by the market, maintains a status quo in Europe’s monetary policy. Notably, the European currency remained relatively stable against the DXY (US dollar index), hovering around the 1.05 mark, unaffected by the ECB’s decision.

However, the real surprise came from across the Atlantic with the release of the Q3 US GDP figures. While expectations were set for an encouraging 4.3% rise, the robust American economy surpassed these forecasts, posting a stellar 4.9% growth rate. This surge, significantly higher than the previous quarter’s 2.1%, underlines the resilience and strength of the US economy.

These data points not only present a snapshot of the prevailing economic conditions but also potentially foreshadow the trajectory of the global financial markets. With the US economy outperforming expectations and the ECB’s steady stance, the interplay between these economic powerhouses will likely continue to shape the global financial narrative.

US GDP :(Source: Trading Economics)

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