Valicit Marketplace Sells 230,000 Tickets to Numi Metaverse Event Grand Opening

Vladislav Sopov

230,000 metaverse fans are going to attend PvP battle being hosted by Numi Stories

Web3 tickets marketplace Valicit shares the details of its latest successful sale. Hundreds of thousands of on-chain gamers can access a widely anticipated virtual event by Numi Stories with Venom-based digital tickets. More large-scale event campaigns on the platform will be announced soon.

230,000 players snapped up tickets to Numi Stories’ event via Valicit

On-chain digital ticket marketplace Valicit has sold a whopping 230,000 tickets to a metaverse event in last 24 hours. So far, it is the record-breaking number for the entire segment of blockchain marketplaces. The tickets allow Valicit customers to gain entry to the PvP battle being hosted by Numi Stories.

Launched on top of the Venom Foundation testnet, the NFT-centric tournament will be running until Sept. 5, 2023. Interest in the event surrounds the rocketing popularity of Numi, a leading metaverse platform for gamers and creators, the official statement by Venom representatives says.

Valicit founder Mohammad Binyamin Chaudhry highlighted that the successful ticket sale is yet further evidence of the crucial importance of Venom blockchain for real-world use cases:

Launching on the Venom testnet has been an exhilarating journey for us at Valicit. The ticket sales we’ve witnessed so far have truly been mind blowing, reaffirming our belief in the power of blockchain. This is just the beginning of our journey and we will continue our efforts to shape the future alongside the Venom blockchain.

As covered by U.Today previously, Venom Foundation blockchain recently scored a partnership with the UAE Minstry of Climate Change and Environment. The blockchain will host a nation-wide carbon credits system.

Club 404 Grand Opening welcomes Web3 enthusiasts on Venom

Also, the blockchain was introduced as the technical basis for the upcoming global decentralization hub. The Venom team is developing it in collaboration with Kenyan government.

The top 100 participants of the ongoing campaign will be rewarded with the drop of exclusive RadLad NFTs once the PvP battle ends on Sept. 5, 2023.

Visitors of Valicit can also purchase access tickets on the Venom testnet for the Club 404 Grand Opening. The price of a ticket is 1 VENOM. The sale campaign will be running until Nov. 1, 2023. Players who purchase tickets will gain early access to multiplayer functionality within the Numi Stories mobile game.

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