Vaultka’s Highly Anticipated $VKA Public Sale Kicks off on October 16th, 2023

Vaultka, the pioneering DeFi protocol known for its various strategies on perp DEX (Perpetual Decentralized Exchange) LP tokens, announces its upcoming public sale. As the first protocol to successfully build strategies on LP tokens from prominent perp DEXs on Arbitrum such as GMX, Gains Network, Vela, HMX, and GMX v2, Vaultka stands out as a leader in the DeFi evolution.

Public Sale Details:

– Token: $VKA
– Date: October 16th, 12 PM UTC to October 19th, 12 PM UTC.
– Network: Arbitrum
– Supply: 8 million VKA tokens (8% of total supply).
– Cap: 500 ETH, with pro-rata distribution if surpassed.
– Allocation Model: First-come First-served for Whitelists; Overflow for Public.
– Token Claim: 100% Immediate post-sale.
– Circulation: 8% at TGE, expanding to ~10% in 3 months.

With its unique approach to LP tokens, Vaultka offers lenders a favorable Annual Percentage Rate (APR) enhanced by shared profits based on user-selected leverage multipliers. As mentioned by PANews, Vaultka is positioning as a beacon in the DeFi sector, emphasizing a balance between lucrative returns and minimized risk.

Vaultka is making waves with its low market cap compared to its Total Value Locked (TVL). This, combined with Vaultka’s innovative approach in DeFi, suggests that there will be huge interest in its upcoming public sale. The excitement for Vaultka’s public sale marks the start of a promising journey. With an exciting product roadmap featuring the LP Index trading product and potential collaborations, Vaultka’s journey in reshaping the DeFi arena is only getting started.

About Vaultka:

Vaultka stands at the forefront of DeFi, not merely as a platform but as a transformative force in strategy and user experience. Vaultka is carving out a distinctive place in the market, showcasing its dedication to innovation.

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