VC Spectra’s (SPCT) Surge is the Real Surprise as Maker (MKR) & Optimism (OP) Capsize

In August 2023, Maker (MKR) recorded significant whale activity that slowed its bullish momentum. On the other hand, Optimism (OP) recorded exploits on its ecosystem, but the token stayed bullish. However, holders only trust VC Spectra (SPCT) to deliver reliable ROI in Q3 2023. The platform raised $2.4 million in private seed sale before going on presale. Find out why many are choosing VC Spectra (SPCT) in 2023.

Maker (MKR) Whale Takes Profit

Recently, a Maker (MKR) whale transferred 1,736 Maker (MKR) tokens worth $1.89 million from a crypto wallet to Binance. According to data from SpotOnChain, this same crypto wallet purchased 3,334 Maker (MKR) tokens in July, each selling around $1,000. The whale liquidated their Maker (MKR) tokens on DEXs and Binance for an average of $1,135 per token. This acquisition move resulted in an estimated profit of $357,000.

Due to this whale’s action and the current bearish crypto market, Maker (MKR) fell in the third week of August 2023. Maker (MKR) traded at $1,126 on August 16. A week later, Maker (MKR) lost 4.4%, trading at $1,078. The downtrend continued, with Maker (MKR) reaching $1,026 by August 28.

On a more positive note, Maker (MKR) recorded significant price surges in Q3 2023 due to its Smart Burn Engine Program, and analysts believe the token will surge when the bull cycle returns.

Optimism (OP) Records Ecosystem Hack

Exactly (EXA), a decentralized credit market protocol built on Optimism (OP), recently fell victim to a coordinated cyberattack. The attackers bridged ETH tokens using the Across protocol and the Optimism (OP) bridge, according to De.Fi’s security team, these hackers stole $7.2 million worth of ETH from the Optimism (OP)-based platform. Exactly (EXA) has shut down the protocol temporarily; however, users can still withdraw assets.

While cryptocurrencies fell in August due to a general market crash, Optimism (OP) surged due to a steady increase in its Total Value Locked (TVL). On August 16, 2023, Optimism (OP) traded at $1.3849. Optimism (OP) surged 13.37% within seven days, and Optimism (OP) was trading for $1.5742 on August 23.

However, Optimism (OP) lost a huge portion of its gains, dropping to $1.4175 on August 28, a 9.95% loss in less than a week. Yet, analysts say Optimism (OP) is strong enough to weather crypto market storms, and the token will remain bullish in Q3 2O23.

VC Spectra (SPCT) Surges 127.27%, Enters Third Presale Stage

VC Spectra (SPCT) is a decentralized trading and asset management platform built to drive innovation and development in the blockchain industry through strategic acquisitions. As a decentralized hedge fund, VC Spectra (SPCT) boasts a team of blockchain experts and venture capitalists who analyze and select the best Web3 projects. VC Spectra (SPCT) infuses in these high-potential projects in their early phases for maximum profit.

In addition, VC Spectra (SPCT) holders get quarterly rewards. VC Spectra (SPCT) is in its third presale stage, and the token is selling for $0.025. When VC Spectra (SPCT) enters its fourth presale stage, the token will surge 32% and sell for $0.033. 

At the end of the presale stages, VC Spectra (SPCT) will list on major crypto exchanges and trade for $0.08. VC Spectra (SPCT) holders will see a 220% surge in the value of their tokens!

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