VeChain Developer Upgrades VeChain Thor to News Version

VeChain development team, has recently announced that the VeChain Thor has officially been upgraded to new version 1.3.5, this was shared by the VeChain development community on Twitter.

The new upgrade, christened as VeChain Thor version 1.3.5, was released by a VeChain core developer, Quain Bin, on Github. Quain who resides in Shanghai, published the upgrade on Github about ten hours ago, at press time.

As revealed on the Github page, the new upgrade is embedded with several new features to further enhance the network’s performance.

According to the developer, the upgrade consists of four major upgrade.

VeChain Thor version 1.3.5 makes way for raising the default trie cache size to 2GB, upgrading the goleveldb and trie read performance enhancement when  state-pruner is disabled. Also, the full-archived instance dir is now isolated from state-pruned on the VeChain Thor network and asynchronously committing of transfers to speed-up block processing is now in place.

VeChain Completes New Alliance to Make VET Spendable in 2.2Mln Hotels in 230 countries

The VeChain network in a bid to further boost the adoption of its native token VET, has signed a new alliance with a crypto-dependent booking platform, Travala, to take VET to over 2,200,000 state-of-the-art hotels and homes in 230 countries.

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As stated in the partnership, VeChain (VET) will be used as smart money in every hotel that allows booking through Travala. Howbeit, the VeChain CEO, Sunny Lu, while speaking on the development explained that the alliance further confirms that his blockchain company is dedicated to accumulating real-world applications and client base.

He added that the VeChain network is working toward securing partnerships that will cut across the various list of industries across the globe to further boost the adoption of its blockchain technology.

Nonetheless, the award-winning blockchain is expected to thrive as it is entering the vacation rental sector, a sector projected to reach USD 114 billion by 2027.

VeChain Partners One of the World’s Largest Independent Accounting Services Network

Relatedly, the Singapore-based blockchain has further extended its partnership trend to one of the world’s largest professional services network of independent accounting and consulting companies, Grant Thornton Cyprus.

VeChain technology according to report will be used by Grant Thorton to offer diverse services to its stream of clients in various industries, as the company looks forward to onboard firms from various industries such as food, pharmaceutical, automotive, logistic, among others.


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