Wemade welcomes SkyJet Software and MetaTokyo Studio on its blockchain game platform WEMIX PLAY…

The Capital Platform
The Capital Platform
  • SkyJet Software to release its 3D helicopter shooting game Skybreakers on WEMIX PLAY
  • MetaTokyo Studio developing Chromata, an FPS/RPG hybrid, in Unreal Engine 5
  • WEMIX PLAY to solidify its global no. 1 platform status through continuous lineup growth and genre diversification

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA, 27 JUNE 2023 — Wemade signed onboarding contracts with SkyJet Software and MetaTokyo Studio. The two companies will release each of their games on WEMIX PLAY, a global blockchain game platform by Wemade.

SkyJet Software, a Lithuanian game developer and publisher, is preparing to service a 3D helicopter shooting game Skybreakers. Players can customize dozens of helicopters and weapons to enjoy realistic PvP battles.

MetaTokyo Studio, a Japanese gaming company, is developing a sci-fi fantasy game called Chromata, an FPS/RPG hybrid, in Unreal Engine 5. Users can engage in various game content including PvP, PvE, and E-Sports tournaments in Chromata’s futuristic world, with more than 120 characters to choose from in hi-res graphics.

Wemade is continuing to sign onboarding deals with developers from all over the world including North America, Europe, and Asia. The company seeks to solidify its status as a global no. 1 blockchain game platform through continuous lineup growth and genre diversification. This July, Wemade is participating in WebX, a Web conference in Tokyo, as a platinum sponsor to further expand its reach into the Japanese market.

Blockchain games of different genres such as MMORPG, strategy, and SNG can be enjoyed on WEMIX PLAY. Detailed information on WEMIX PLAY‘s blockchain games can be found on the official website.

For more information, visit wemixplay.com


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