Who’s Behind Shiba Inu? Researcher Reveals New Theory About Ryoshi

The mystery surrounding the identity of the founder of Shiba Inu, known as “Ryoshi,” has taken another twist. A recent theory proposed by crypto researcher @BoringSleuth suggests that the elusive Ryoshi might be a combination of two individuals: Ryo Suzuki and Tsuyoshi Maruyama, both of whom have ties to the B2C2 Group.

“@BoringSleuth” tweeted, “Who do I believe Ryoshi, the anonymous Founder of $SHIB is? I believe it is a combo of 2 people: Ryo Suzuki & Tsuyoshi Maruyama – Both Advisors to B2C2 Group.” The researcher further pointed out a curious coincidence: “Ryo Suzuki resigned as an advisor from B2C2 Group on 4/27/21, the exact same day Tsuyoshi Maruyama was appointed as an advisor for B2C2 Group.”

Traces To The Inventor Of Shiba Inu

The B2C2 Group connection is particularly intriguing as it is the current market maker for Robinhood, a platform that at one point held over 25% of the total SHIB supply. Notably, despite most advisors being listed on the company’s website, both Ryo and Tsuyoshi are conspicuously absent.

The researcher’s deep dive into the blockchain and on-chain investigations has led to some eyebrow-raising conclusions. The researcher added, “While this conclusion may seem far fetched to many, and it’s possible the founder is just Ryo (or someone entirely different), I do tell you all that my thousands of hours of blockchain, on-chain investigations have led me to believe Market Makers are behind many of the tokens, exchanges etc.”

Further adding to the intrigue, the researcher highlighted Ryo Suzuki’s visit to MIT’s media lab in 2019, drawing potential connections to notable figures such as Gary Gensler, Jeffrey Epstein, and Bill Gates. BoringSleuth also pointed out, “What if I told you the Canadian Ryo Suzuki was also an intern for Microsoft when Shiba Inu launched?”

Adding another layer to this intricate web is BoringSleuth’s research into Gary Wang from FTX, which led him to MIT’s robotics lab – a subject that Ryo Suzuki also appears to be passionate about. BoringSleuth notes, “My Gary Wang from FTX research led me to Robots at MIT. Ryo Suzuki also loves MIT robots. See below where he visited MIT’s Media Lab in 2019.”

Intriguingly, the researcher also claims to have evidence linking the Shib Deployer wallet directly to an NFT Voxel project and to Vitalik Buterin as far back as 2018, two years before Shiba Inu was even launched.

In response to a Twitter user’s query about Ethereum’s co-founder, Vitalik Buterin, being gifted half of the SHIB supply, BoringSleuth responded, “Of course. what if I told you that in 2018, the first outbound ETH the SHIB deployer sent (2 years prior to SHIB being a thing), made its way to a personal wallet where Vitalik also sent ETH.”

However, it’s worth noting that this isn’t the first time the identity of Ryoshi has been under speculation. A few months ago, Ben Armstrong, known as “BitBoy,” claimed that Neyma Jahan was the founder of Shiba Inu. Armstrong’s evidence was based on a series of connections, including deleted tweets and associations with the Karma DAO group. Another YouTuber further alleged Jahan’s involvement in the SHIB donation to Buterin.

Neyma Jahan, however, has refuted these allegations. While acknowledging his role as the founder of Unification (FUND), Jahan clarified his position, stating he hasn’t been in a leadership role for some time.

At press time, SHIB traded at $0.00000813.

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