Will DOGE Follow Bitcoin Without Elon Musk’s Tweets? When Next Pump? Odyssey Has An Answer!

In the intricate tapestry of cryptocurrency narratives, Dogecoin (DOGE) recently captured the spotlight due to a substantial transaction, creating ripples in its market dynamics. As the community braces against potential market manipulations and centralization issues, Dogecoin’s scenario intertwines with the broader crypto verse’s susceptibility to influential players. Herein emerges an influential figure: Odyssey, a battle-hardened market-maker, shaping the trajectory of Grimace through his influential market manoeuvres, strategic insights, and the power of its community.

Amid the frenetic energy surrounding tokens like Dogecoin, with significant transactions and its recent addition to Japan’s BitTrade exchange, Odyssey’s emergence represents a beacon of strategic acumen. Often dubbed the new Satoshi Nakamoto, Odyssey is revered not just for his market predictions but also for his unabashed candidness in expressing market realities. The “Odyssey” Telegram Channel, growing daily by 10% over subscribers, thrives on his unique blend of sarcasm, post-irony, and profound market insights not found anywhere else.

The parallels between Odyssey’s rising influence and Elon Musk’s previous rendezvous with Dogecoin are unmistakable. However, Odyssey is carving a distinct niche; his approach fosters informed trading decisions, emphasises community engagement, and provides early access to exclusive insights, particularly about up-and-coming projects like Grimace. As Dogecoin navigates its current market position, the spotlight shifts to Grimace, a potential successor in delivering substantial ROI.

Odyssey’s realm, especially his advocacy for Grimace, is not about mere assets; it’s a collective journey toward navigating the crypto market’s volatility with wisdom, preparedness, and critical engagement. As the Dogecoin community grapples with the implications of whale transactions and exchange advisories, Odyssey’s followers are geared toward a new era that possibly heralds Grimace’s ascendancy.

In the grander scheme of market dynamics, where Dogecoin once basked in Elon Musk’s endorsements, Odyssey’s role looms promisingly. His community, equipped with exclusive insights and a treasure trove of industry knowledge, stands at the precipice of what could be the next significant wave in cryptocurrency trading. The “Odyssey” public group is the front seat to what could be the next significant storyline in the crypto universe, featuring Grimace under Odyssey’s astute guidance.

Market Dynamics? He read it easily!

But what’s next for the Dogecoin price in 2024? Will it experience a new surge or follow a more modest trend? One thing is certain: the era when Dogecoin displayed impressive ROI for the first time is now in the past. Of course, Elon’s influential tweets may still potentially drive price increases for Dogecoin, especially amid a new bull market, but it isn’t very certain to expect gains of 5x or 10x. On the other hand, there’s the Odyssey project, currently gearing up for a significant breakthrough. However, let’s examine the technical indicators and better understand the Dogecoin forecast for 2024.

Dogecoin (DOGE) Forecast: Pump or Dump?

Dogecoin (DOGE) is currently trading between $0.0592 and $0.0648. The 10-day Moving Average, which stands at $0.0589, is slightly below the current price. In contrast, the 100-day Moving Average, at $0.0662, indicates a potential resistance level. These averages, combined with support levels at $0.0510 and $0.0565 and resistance markers at $0.0676 and $0.0731, provide a comprehensive view of the Dogecoin (DOGE) current trading landscape.

If Dogecoin (DOGE) manages to close above the $0.0835 level on a weekly basis, it could set off a significant bullish run, potentially pushing its price towards the coveted $1 mark. This would represent a monumental 1,580% rally from its current position.

But, given the inclusion of Dogecoin (DOGE) on BitTrade, there’s a possibility of increased trading activity for Dogecoin (DOGE). If the broader crypto market responds positively to the anticipated Spot Bitcoin ETF approval, it could further boost Dogecoin (DOGE) price. However, the significant control of Dogecoin (DOGE) by a few addresses might introduce volatility, as large transactions by these addresses can sway the market.

The $0.0482 price level has been identified as a crucial support zone. Any downward movement around this level could lead Dogecoin (DOGE) to a new yearly low.

The amalgamation of recent news, technical indicators, and market sentiment suggests a dynamic Dogecoin (DOGE) phase. While promising indicators point towards potential growth, the inherent risks, especially the concentration of wealth, cannot be overlooked. There is no need to wait for huge returns; those times have passed. However, Odyssey’s Grimace is on the verge of a significant breakthrough, alongside other upcoming projects. Specifically, Grimace is anticipated to experience a 30-fold increase, while the Token is projected to see a 10-fold rise.

Odyssey: Explore the Crypto World in an Unprecedented Way

Get on an electrifying journey with the “Odyssey” Telegram Channel! Join a vibrant community of crypto enthusiasts led by Odyssey, a battle-hardened trader and crypto market mastermind. Frequently hailed as the next Satoshi Nakamoto, Odyssey can affirm its Bitcoin connection.

Who’s Odyssey?

Odyssey isn’t just another crypto enthusiast floating in the market. No, Odyssey is deeply woven into the very fabric of the industry. Why? Because Odyssey is a market maker. And market makers? They have an uncanny ability to see right through the market’s psychology and the crowd’s whims. Dive into Odyssey’s insights that are shared with a unique blend of sarcasm and post-irony.

From the very inception of this channel, Odyssey has been on a relentless quest to unravel the deepest mysteries of the cryptocurrency market, providing exclusive insights that you won’t find anywhere else. With over 60,000 subscribers and a staggering 850 active members, the channel is growing at an astounding rate of 12% weekly.

Community Highlights

Engagement, retention, and free expression are the lifeblood of the “Odyssey” public group. Daily posts ignite lively discussions, amassing hundreds of comments and reactions. There’s no room for censorship here, and Odyssey never holds back in expressions when sharing his market insights.

Now, the sweetest part: your active participation in captivating contests and activities held regularly can earn you enticing monetary prizes and bonuses.

Why wait? Become a part of a dynamic community guided by a recognized crypto influencer who’s different from typical industry experts. Don’t miss out – join the “Odyssey” public group today!


In the ever-evolving crypto market, Dogecoin faces 2024 with potential growth and prevailing unpredictability. Amid significant market transactions and the sway of influential personalities, its price trajectory suggests a bullish trend. Yet, it’s tempered by historical volatility and the control of wealth by a few holders. Meanwhile, figures like Odyssey usher in a shift towards more strategic, community-driven assets, exemplified by projects like Grimace. While opportunities for substantial growth exist, underscored by Dogecoin’s BitTrade listing and broader market trends, the concentration of assets and susceptibility to manipulation inject a note of caution. The future may not replicate the dramatic spikes of Dogecoin’s past, calling for more informed and strategic approaches as we approach 2024.

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