Will Memeinator succeed in destroying Baby Doge?


Cryptocurrency experts have been outspoken against meme coins due to their lack of utility, as 99.9% of them exist only for speculation and immediate gains. One only has to look at the rise of meme coins such as Dogecoin (DOGE)-and, more specifically, low-effort Dogecoin ripoffs such as Baby Doge (BABYDOGE)-as proof positive of the slime that has managed to make its way to the top.

Today, a new type of meme coin aims to make traditional meme coins like Dogecoin and its many thousands of copies like Baby Doge disappear from the market.

This one is in fact designed with a single goal: to reach a market capitalization of $1 billion by eliminating weaker meme coins.

This next-generation meme coin, Memeinator (MMTR), is garnering great interest as its 29-step presale heats up and investors line up to buy MMTR tokens.

Case in point: just 6 weeks into its ICO, Memeinator has already generated $1.2m in new investment. Memeinator has not yet been launched, but it is already in the process of blowing up Baby Doge and its ilk.

Will Memeinator succeed in destroying Baby Doge and eliminating it from the meme coin world? Cryptocurrency watchers are convinced it will. Here’s why.

What is Memeinator? How does MMTR work?

Memeinator is not just yet another Dogecoin or Shiba Inu like Baby Doge. It is a meme coin that serves as the key to unique digital experiences on the Web3 and whose ultimate goal is to reach $1 billion in market capital while targeting weak meme coins to eliminate them completely. Think of it as the equivalent of Terminator meme coins, sent by Skynet from the future to feast on the remains of dead coins that still roam.

In addition to offering staking and yield farming options for MMTR holders, Memeinator will grant exclusive access to a top-secret NFT project. In fact, a video game is also in the works. It will be a digital arena where players can step into the shoes of the Memeinator character and fight tooth and nail for meme coin supremacy against his weak rivals like Baby Doge. Hasta la vista, baby. 

In Meme Warfare, video game characters will represent meme coins that AI Memeinator’s algorithm identifies as weak, derivative or useless. The protocol AI’s web scraping tool, Memescanner, scours the Internet for meme coins. Then, the Memescanner inserts the meme coins into the game as characters for the Memeinator to chase and exterminate.

Crypto price forecast for Memeinator: will MMTR reach $1 in 2025?

Meme coins are purely speculative assets, but they can generate fortunes overnight. Now, imagine the potential of a meme coin with real innovation and utility like Memeinator.

With the next bull run around the corner, starting with the Bitcoin halving event of 2024, Memeinator is in a prime position for a price surge ahead of 2025.

Should it reach a market value of $1 billion, MMTR tokens would equal $1. Indeed, if utility-free meme coins can reach $1 billion (read: PEPE), imagine how far Memeinator can go once its presale ends with the token spreading like wildfire.

According to conservative estimates, MMTR will reach at least $0.40-0.60 in 2025, which represents a 40- to 60-fold increase over the presale launch price of $0.01 per MMTR token. If MMTR reaches a target of $1 billion, this would represent a 100-fold increase over the current presale price of $0.0133. A meme coin at the forefront of games, meme culture, and artificial intelligence like Memeinator has great potential in terms of growing its value. The only question is how high it will go.

What is Baby Doge? How does BABYDOGE work?

Baby Doge is a meme coin launched last June 2021. The token is an ironic version of Dogecoin that operates on Binance’s Smart Chain with a total supply of 420 trillion BABYDOGE tokens in circulation. It works with 5% of each buy or sell transaction rewarded to Baby Doge holders and 5% added to the token liquidity pool. This unique mechanism makes BABYDOGE the sixth most significant meme coin.

Crypto price forecast for Baby Doge: Will BABYDOGE reach $1 in 2025?

Baby Doge has gained significant traction in the meme coin space, with the eponymous BABYDOGE token peaking last January 2022. However, the high total supply limits its maximum price. BABYDOGE may have already seen its best days. Newer and more innovative meme coins, such as Memeinator, are expected to appreciate much more than Dogecoin reductions such as Baby Doge as the end of 2023 approaches. What are Baby Doge’s chances of competing? With the number of daily active addresses for BABYDOGE declining, how will it find the momentum to do so? Currently, Dogecoin derivatives are losing popularity.

Memeinator vs. Baby Doge: the final verdict

Memeinator blows Baby Doge away on all fronts. With MMTR’s ICO attracting dozens of new investors, Memeinator looks like a better investment than Baby Doge. 

With its progressive price increase mechanism, Memeinator’s ICO offers early-stage investors the opportunity to earn up to 390% by increasing the price of MMTR tokens by 6 % for each successive presale phase. 

The ICO incentivizes potential MMTR investors the sooner they join, with generous price increases until the public debut of the protocol, and puts them in an excellent position for parabolic gains before the next upward rush. 

Dogecoin imitators are now obsolete: the time for a new meme coin revolution is here and now.

To participate in the Memeinator presale, visit the Memeinator website

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