XRP Community Has No Desire for Peace, Cardano Founder Claims


  • No evidence  
  • The #ETHGate misunderstanding

In a recent AMA session, Charles Hoskinson, the founder of Cardano, vocally criticized the XRP community for what he describes as a “relentless overwhelming campaign” based on misconceptions and falsehoods. 

“There’s no desire for peace there,” Hoskinson stated. “They don’t want peace because they don’t want to acknowledge for perhaps a moment that we are talking past each other,” he added. 

The long-standing conspiracy in question alleges that Ethereum backers may have unduly influenced the SEC’s decision to pursue legal action against XRP. 

No evidence  

Throughout his AMA, Hoskinson made repeated appeals for a shift toward rational discourse and evidence-based discussions with the XRP community. 

“You have no evidence, XRP community. Zero evidence that somebody bribed the US government to go after you. You have no evidence of that. It’s a conspiracy. If you have it, show it. Years have gone by. No one has shown it,” he asserted. 

He also urged Ripple leaders Brad Garlinghouse and David Schwartz to publicly acknowledge that the accusations are unfounded. “I would love to see Brad and David Schwartz to come out and physically say that all of that attack on our side is based on a lie,” Hoskinson stated, addressing the core of the dispute head-on.

The #ETHGate misunderstanding

Hoskinson has clarified his stance on the #ETHGate controversy. He stressed that his comments have been grossly misinterpreted by the XRP community. “I never once said that #ETHGate didn’t happen. I said it doesn’t matter,” he explained, arguing that the focus on this issue is immaterial and unproductive to the litigation XRP faces against the SEC. 

He dissected the conspiracy theories suggesting that the SEC went after XRP due to illicit influence, labeling such claims as baseless without evidence to support them. 

“It’s entirely possible that someone could have bribed the SEC directly or indirectly, who knows, to give a free pass to Ethereum…To claim that they also went after XRP because someone bribed them is a conspiracy, and there’s no evidence,” he reiterated.

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