XRP Ledger On The Brink Of A Major Milestone, Will It Move XRP Price?

Amid the decline in crypto interest, decentralized public blockchain XRP Ledger displays a significant uptick in adoption as it is on the verge of accomplishing yet another major milestone in its total count of accounts.

XRP Ledger Forthcoming Milestone

The XRP Ledger has been doing great in the quarter of 2023, achieving milestones that indicate its growth and versatility. Recent data from the blockchain’s official website shows that the ledger is very close to achieving a major milestone, recording almost 5 million total counts of accounts on the ledger. The ledger’s total accounts are currently sitting at 4,813,296.

According to the data, the total number of XRP tokens held in these accounts has also increased significantly and is currently sitting at 58,882,056,310, slowly moving toward the 60 billion mark. Meanwhile, the total number of account reserves is currently sitting at 48,132,960.

This yet-to-be-accomplished milestone of the ledger has raised speculations about the XRP price and whether the significant increase in usage and adoption will affect the price of XRP. 

The XRP Ledger’s milestones show not only strength and promise but also its resiliency. However, it is still being determined how these accomplishments will affect the token’s price, since the factors that basically contribute to the rise in XRP’s price also include market sentiment, supply and demand, and regulatory developments, among others.

The blockchain’s previous milestone that made headlines is the significant increase in the Ledger index. XRP chain explorer XRPScan revealed the blockchain’s landmark on its official X (formerly Twitter) handle, highlighting that the blockchain achieved the 83 million landmark not too long after it touched 82 million in late August 2023. The blockchain’s ledger index is currently 83,254,213 as of the time of writing.

XRP price chart from Tradingview.com (XRPL Ledger)

XRP Might See A surge In Its Price Amidst Recent Circumstances

XRP’s recent unique circumstances might put the cryptocurrency ahead of other cryptocurrencies amid the recovery in the crypto market. These include its extended bear accumulation periods, its recent victories over the US SEC, Ripple business partnerships, and adoption from financial institutions.

One of the unique recent events is the Japan-based payment giant SBI Remit which unveiled an extensive XRP-based international money transfer service in September 2023. 

To be more precise, SBI Remit partnered with Ripple and SBI Ripple Asia to use XRP in order to make remittance services easier to access in Vietnam, the Philippines, and Indonesia.

In addition, luxury car brand Ferrari affirmed in October 2023, that the company will now accept cryptocurrencies like XRP for car purchases. These XRP unique circumstances have seen significant development since then, putting XRP in a good position ahead of many other cryptocurrencies.

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