Xsolla Mall: A New Top-Tier Online Destination For Video Games

The global video game commerce company, Xsolla, has introduced a brand-new destination called Xsolla Mall. Through the use of campaigns with content producers and payment processors, video games may now offer a variety of landing pages where players can access special in-game products, game discounts, and premium experiences.

Game developers can promote and make money off game content on a specific branded landing page within the platform, including the full game. Through the Xsolla Mall, which is enabled by the Xsolla Cloud Gaming system, a sizable library of cloud games may be played. Additionally, Xsolla Mall combines the power of content producers and influencers with the convenience of numerous local payment options to create one cost-effective platform that offers a variety of ways to generate additional cash for video games.

With the help of Xsolla Mall, publishers and developers now have a new channel for distributing their products, lowering their overall cost of customer acquisition and retention while raising player engagement and brand exposure.

“Xsolla Mall unlocks a new direct-to-consumer distribution channel for delivering games and in-game content on the web,” said Chris Hewish, CEO of Xsolla. “We aim to help developers tackle current market challenges like the high cost of acquiring and retaining players, high distribution fees, and increasing the number of paying players so they can earn and keep more of the profits from the sale of their games and in-game content. Xsolla Mall perfectly aligns with our mission to bolster the gaming community by providing developers, influencers, and players with a safe, practical, and engaging platform.”

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