zkPass Announces Opening of Its Pre-alpha Testnet for Public Testing

zkPass, a renowned privacy-preserving protocol that validates private data, has announced the public launch of its Pre-alpha Testnet.

Marking a significant milestone for the platform, the launch will see the zkPass pre-alpha testnet available for the public while providing the blockchain space with a revolutionary approach to private data validation.

zkPass is known to always emerge as a perfect choice wherever trust and privacy are paramount. This has become possible because the platform is versatile across numerous application scenarios as it seamlessly integrates into decentralized identity passes, DeFi lending protocols based on off-chain credit, healthcare data marketplaces ensuring privacy, and even dating apps featuring verifiable zkSBTs (Zero-Knowledge Smart Behavioral Tokens).

By harnessing cryptographic technologies like MPC and ZKP, zkPass enables users to validate their private data by verifying their HTTPS-based web sessions, obviating the necessity for file uploads or the exposure of sensitive details. For instance, zkPass allows Alice to prove her gaming activity, educational background, car ownership, and financial standing without divulging extraneous details.

Moreover, zkPass takes web security to the next level by redesigning the TLS protocol to Three-party TLS, enabling any HTTPS-based website to serve as a trusted data source for zero-knowledge metadata without requiring API authorizations.

zkPass Pre-alpha Testnet

Notably, the zkPass Pre-alpha Testnet has initiated a shift in the private data verification process by leveraging innovative technologies such as Multi-Party Computation (MPC), Zero-Knowledge Proofs (ZKP), and Three-party Transport Layer Security (3P-TLS).

This remarkable development also saw zkPass unveiling TransGate, a gateway that empowers users to selectively and privately verify their data from any HTTPS website, spanning diverse data categories, from legal identities to financial records, healthcare information, social interactions, work history, education, and skill certifications. Remarkably, zkPass accomplishes these verifications securely and privately, eliminating the need to expose sensitive personal data to third parties.

Since its July launch, zkPass’s Pre-alpha Testnet has garnered massive interest, with over 200,000 eager signups. Currently, tens of thousands of whitelisted users have collectively generated more than 100,000 zero-knowledge proofs, each representing various private data facets.

While the Pre-alpha Testnet is now open for public testing, zkPass has extended a warm invitation to technology enthusiasts, privacy advocates, and individuals committed to secure data practices to join the Pre-alpha Testnet.

The announcement also notes that participation in the Pre-alpha Testnet will provide early access to an advanced solution and empower users to contribute to its refinement actively.

Notably, users who want to participate in the Pre-alpha Testnet should install the TransGate Extension from the Google Chrome Web Store. Thereafter, they must join pre.zkpass.org to become part of the Pre-alpha Testnet and experience the power of private data validation firsthand.

Lastly, interested participants should explore tutorial details on the doc wiki and engage with the zkPass community. Share insights and become an integral part of shaping this groundbreaking technology.

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