ZTX to Build 3D Universe Atop the Arbitrum Blockchain

Crypto and fintech firm ZTX has stated it’s looking to build a new 3D virtual world atop the Arbitrum blockchain, which accounts for more than 60 percent of ETH’s Layer-2 market share.

ZTX and Arbitrum… The Perfect Match?

ZTX has said in this new virtual world, users can enjoy games, social interactions, and hold stakes in both economic and government activities while establishing and selling digital assets. ZTX is also a joint initiative between companies Jump Crypto and Zepeto. Saurabh Sharma – head of investments at Jump Crypto – mentioned in an interview:

The strengths, expertise, and successful track record of ZTX are why we partnered with them to spearhead multichain metaverse development in blockchain, and we are excited about this partnership and the amazing metaverse capabilities and functionalities that are yet to come, starting with this unique new mint.

ZTX CEO Chris also threw his two cents into the mix, commenting:

Our partnership with Arbitrum will help us develop our platform to deliver advanced, customizable templates for 3D avatars, wearables, and placeables that can be branded according to the needs of builders or communities. Furthermore, universal accessibility is critical to us, and we offer virtual land for free. We are excited about what the weeks and months ahead will mean for our teams, users, and partners.

Steven Goldfeder – the CEO of Off Chain Labs, the company behind Arbitrum – stated:

ZTX is redefining what it means to build an immersive and real-value-generating, 3D, open world. Arbitrum’s innovative technology is designed for precisely these types of use cases: bridging tech gaps, opening new opportunities, and delivering fast, performant, and robust capabilities to blockchain projects across the board. It’s exciting to see the ZTX team utilizing Arbitrum technology to unlock value for their users while empowering creators by creating new opportunities for countless people, brands, and partners around the world.

The virtual blockchain world will contain what’s been dubbed the Genesis Home Mint, which will contain approximately 4,000 individual 3D homes that come with benefits like governance and special access to future events, games, and airdrops.

A New Way to Collect

Thank You X – a virtual artist whose work has been featured in multiple countries – had a lot to say about Genesis Home Mint and mentioned:

The Genesis Home Mint is a unique example of how digital collectibles can be innovatively tied to exclusivity, access, and economic opportunities in the rapidly growing and evolving virtual space. In my view, it is truly an in-demand limited edition collectible series that is steered by people who have already built things at a global scale. In a time when perhaps many projects fail to deliver on promises, it’s wonderful to see ZTX already has so much developed in the pipeline for Genesis homeowners. I’m excited about seeing the revolution unfold in real time.

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