ZTX’s Genesis Homes NFTs Break Records despite Bearish Market

ZTX’s Genesis Homes NFTs Break Records despite Bearish Market

The Web3 platform focused on the metaverse ZTX backed by Jump Crypto, achieved a record-breaking sale of its inaugural collection of 4,000 Genesis Homes NFTs, despite the current bearish NFT market.

According to the platform’s statement, the sale quickly sold out on August 30th within hours after being posted on the OpenSea platform, showcasing investors’ enthusiasm for virtual participation in the new metaverse world.

ZTX’s Collection Has Been Well-received by the Community

ZTX’s collection, launched on the Arbitrum network, garnered significant participation from the crypto community, who eagerly awaited its release to take advantage of all the benefits it offers to first-time buyers.

Beleng44, the ZTX community administrator, pointed out that ZTX’s frequent announcements to keep the community updated on the project contributed to boosting excitement among collectors, which was reflected in the successful sale on OpenSea.

“The wait for Genesis Homes was very long on the community’s part. The four different districts that the Homes would be categorized into, the high fidelity of the 3D houses shared in teasers, and the overall positive news that ZTX has been at the center of for many weeks definitely sparked interest in this mint.”

ZTX’s Sales Strategy Propelled the Collection’s Success

ZTX’s innovative strategy of selling “premium membership passes” instead of virtual land parcels, as most NFT projects do, was a key factor in the collection’s success, as explained by the Chief Futurist and creator at ZTX, better known as Alexx. This approach allows them to offer free virtual land and homes to new users, while the Genesis Homes provide exclusive benefits.

“ZTX offers free land and homes, and the Genesis Homes we sold are simply premium membership passes that yield different benefits down the road, like a platinum-tier blue check or verified badge,” said he.

Institutional investors of all kinds participated in the minting, according to Julian Gropp of Parataxis Capital. This may have heavily influenced the increase in the minimum price of Genesis Homes, which has risen from 0.06 ETH to over 0.2 ETH since the initial sale.

Thanks to the collection’s success, ZTX indicated that it will focus on launching its 3D metaverse application on the blockchain in the coming weeks, generating new expectations among the community, collectors, and institutional investors.


ZTX’s Genesis Homes NFTs Break Records despite Bearish Market

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