Bitget Lists SATS Tokens As Investors “Feel More Potential In Smaller Numbers”

Crypto exchange Bitget joined the memecoin frenzy, listing the latest BTC20 token SATOSHIS (SATS). The token, which challenges our conventional understanding of Bitcoin’s divisibility, is an integral part of the BRC20 Ordinals ecosystem. Unlike whole Bitcoins, SATS function as atomic units, driven by the innovative Bitcoin Ordinals protocol. This protocol allows users to transact SATS individually, each carrying a unique identifier.

The Ordinals theory defines SATOSHIS (SATS) as the building blocks of Bitcoin, meticulously numbered based on the order of their mining. It’s important to note that 100 million SATS comprise a single Bitcoin, underscoring the fine granularity of these digital assets. Ordinals theory ensures that each SAT is ordinal-verified, offering a level of security and uniqueness unparalleled in the crypto world.

SATS may become a game changer in digital assets as it represents the smallest unit of Bitcoin, which can be more accessible and attractive for trading, according to Bitget Managing Director Gracy Chen. She tweeted, “It’s always easier to relate to smaller numbers. And most investors feel there’s more potential in them”.

Bitget’s commitment to innovation and the cryptocurrency market shines through its Innovation Zone, which now hosts SATS. This specialized zone is designed to provide a platform for emerging tokens, offering users the opportunity to engage with high-potential crypto projects at their inception. The Innovation Zone focuses on listing trending tokens, making it an ideal home for SATS, a groundbreaking digital asset that epitomizes the future of crypto trading.

A notable feature of the Innovation Zone is the 60-day valuation period for newly listed pairs, ensuring a thorough assessment of these tokens. Bitget maintains stringent criteria for listed tokens, including trading volume, liquidity, team credibility, project development, and adherence to platform standards. This meticulous review process guarantees the quality and safety of listed assets, safeguarding the interests of Bitget’s user community.

In the first three quarters of 2023, Bitget has experienced significant growth, adding more than 255 new listings to its platform. The platform acknowledges the evolving landscape of cryptocurrencies and aims to be a trailblazer in these transformations. By enabling users to trade SATS, Bitget facilitates access to cutting-edge assets and embraces innovation within the crypto sector. This move aligns with Bitget’s mission to empower its users with diverse investment opportunities and reinforces its position as a frontrunner in the rapidly evolving crypto space.

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