Deutsche Börse Announces New Investment Strategy Dubbed Horizon 2026 to Tap on Digital Assets

Deutsche Börse Announces New Investment Strategy Dubbed Horizon 2026 to Tap on Digital Assets

The Web3 market and blockchain technology have triggered a fast shift in the global financial system from the traditional stock market to digital assets and tokenization in the past few years. The shift has been accelerated by the ongoing crypto regulatory changes around the world led by European countries. In Germany, the country’s legislators have passed several crypto regulations to ensure a secure and sustainable environment for web3 developers, institutional investors, and retail traders. As a result, stock trading powerhouses Deutsche Börse AG (ETR: DB1) announced a new investment strategy dubbed Horizon 2026 geared towards growing its earnings and customer base year over year.

According to the Horizon 2026 plan, Deutsche Börse intends to double down on digitizing its trading platforms in a bid to encompass more instruments in the coming years. Moreover, the traditional stock trading platforms are slowly being phased out by web3 exchanges both centralized and decentralized. Consequently, Deutsche Börse is committed to developing its cloud computing infrastructure to enhance its real-world asset tokenization.

“Deutsche Börse is a leader in the area of ​​digital applications. In the long term, there is further growth potential from new technologies through the digitalization of existing or new asset classes along with corresponding trading and settlement platforms,” the company noted.

Notably, Deutsche Börse has been offering its clients a tokenization platform dubbed D7 through distributed infrastructure and markets. However, the company noted that it is putting in place cloud computing infrastructure to further enhance the D7 platform. In addition to the D7 platform, Deutsche Börse highlighted that it intends to have a digital assets trading platform leveraging its cloud computing infrastructure.

Deutsche Börse and Its Market Outlook

Amid other strategic moves geared towards improving its earnings in the coming future, Deutsche Börse stock has gained about 5.17 percent in the past five days to trade around €166.95 on Friday. The €30.29 billion valued company has struggled to continue with its decade-bull rally since 2020 amid the Covid-19-related financial turbulence. Nonetheless, the company is keen to continue giving back to the shareholders by restructuring its business model and focusing on digital assets.

As a result, the DB1 stock market received an average rating of over 22 analysts surveyed by MarketWatch. Notably, Deutsche Börse is competing with other global stock exchanges – like the New York Stock Exchange and the London Stock Exchange Group Plc – in venturing into the digital assets market to ensure their future growth prospects. Moreover, more investors are expected to adopt digital assets in flight to quality amid high inflation and market uncertainties.


Deutsche Börse Announces New Investment Strategy Dubbed Horizon 2026 to Tap on Digital Assets

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