Blockchain Startup, Intercoin Set to Launch its Global Web5 Platform

Intercoin, an innovative blockchain startup, has announced that it is set to launch its long-anticipated Web5 Community Platform, a unique platform designed to bridge the gap between Web2 and Web3, pushing blockchain technology into the mainstream.

Preparing to serve an audience of one million community leaders spanning over 100 countries, the development empowers communities worldwide, allowing them to efficiently manage their resources, personnel, and governance through blockchain integration.

Greg Magarshak, CEO of Intercoin, emphasized the necessity of helping communities serve their members, acknowledging the tarnished reputation that Web3 has acquired due to middlemen. Noting that this showcases Intercoin’s commitment to fostering a more democratic and inclusive society by empowering individuals in their economic decisions.

Comparing their platform’s impact to WordPress for website management, Intercoin’s solution enables organizations to maintain their unique community tokens, DAOs, NFTs, raise funds, and much more. Intercoin is currently open to bespoke clients keen on creating tailored solutions for their members.

Notably, Intercoin’s journey began with developing Qbix, a decentralized, open-source social platform. Building on this foundation, they’ve extended their reach into Web3 applications, following in the footsteps of major social networks like WeChat and Facebook, which have introduced payment systems.

In addition, Intercoin envisions connecting all these communities into what they term “Intercloud,” positioned as a successor to Bitcoin. Unlike Bitcoin, a single currency for all, Intercoin’s token is designed to facilitate decentralized exchange among communities.

Moreover, Intercoin’s commitment to democratizing economic decisions and fostering inclusivity has attracted strategic partnerships with notable organizations like the Government Blockchain Association and ReadyPlayerMe. Their impressive track record includes creating solutions for diverse clients, from podcasts like Free Talk Live to Andrew Yang’s 2020 campaign.

Per the announcement, Intercoin has also secured capital through innovative token offerings that judiciously leverage SEC exemptions under Regulation S and Regulation D from the JOBS Act. The upcoming crowdfunding campaign on Republic further illustrates Intercoin’s desire to democratize token access, inviting global participation and engagement.

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