Swift Announces Successful Transfer of Tokenized Value Across Multiple Blockchains 

Swift Announces Successful Transfer of Tokenized Value Across Multiple Blockchains 

The Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT), the global financial messaging network, has unveiled the results of a groundbreaking experiment hindering the widespread adoption of tokenized assets.

According to an official announcement on August 31,  the company has successfully demonstrated that its infrastructure can seamlessly facilitate the transfer of tokenized value across a variety of public and private blockchains.

The messaging platform said the results have the potential to significantly accelerate the growth of tokenized asset markets and enable their global scalability as they continue to evolve.

“The findings have the potential to remove significant friction slowing the growth of tokenized asset markets and enable them to scale globally as they mature.”

Swift Partners Chainlink to Conduct the Experiment

While still in its nascent stages, tokenization has captured the attention of 97% of institutional investors who foresee it as a revolutionary force in asset management. Its potential to enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and provide fractional ownership opportunities has garnered widespread optimism.

However, the fragmentation of tokenized assets across different blockchains has presented a considerable hurdle for investors and institutions.

Swift, in collaboration with major financial services companies like Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited (ANZ), BNP Paribas, BNY Mellon, Citi, and Lloyd Banking Group, among others, has risen to the challenge.

Earlier this year, in June, Swift announced that it would work with Chainlink, a Web3 service platform, to demonstrate its ability to establish a unified access point to various blockchain networks. The crypto-focused company served as an enterprise abstraction layer for the experiment.

Chainlink also provided a platform that connected the Swift network to the Ethereum Sepolia network. At the same time, its Cross-Chain Interoperability Protocol (CCIP), which officially debuted in July, enabled complete interoperability between the source and destination blockchains.

Swift Experimenting with the Transfer of Tokenized Assets

According to the press release, the experiments involved various scenarios, including transfers within the same public Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) network, transfers between public blockchains, and public and private blockchain networks.

This comprehensive approach validated technical feasibility and addressed concerns related to data privacy, governance, operational risk, and legal compliance.

The experiment was built on Swift’s earlier successes in connecting Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) and digital assets with existing and emerging payment systems.

Tom Zschach, Chief Innovation Officer at Swift, emphasized the significance of interoperability, stating:

“Interoperability is at the heart of everything we are doing at Swift to facilitate the seamless flow of value across the world in the face of increasing fragmentation. For tokenization to reach its potential, institutions will need to be able to connect with the whole financial ecosystem seamlessly.”

The experiments have unequivocally proven that Swift’s existing secure infrastructure can serve as this pivotal point of connectivity, eliminating a critical barrier and unlocking the latent potential of tokenization.

As the company continues collaborating with the financial community, adopting tokenized assets is poised to find solid ground, particularly in the secondary trading of non-listed assets and private markets.

Swift’s successful experiments mark a pivotal juncture in the trajectory of tokenization, poised to reshape the financial landscape and usher in a new era of industry growth.


Swift Announces Successful Transfer of Tokenized Value Across Multiple Blockchains 

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