MT Tower Announces Listing On MEXC As It Focuses On Changing The Metaverse Experience

MT Tower, a lifestyle and gaming platform known as Meta Tower, is elated to announce its listing on the MEXC exchange and Kanga.Exchange.

According to the team, the MT token is scheduled to be listed on MEXC and Kanga.Exchange on October 18th, 2023. This listing will mark a significant milestone for the MT Tower community as it takes over the metaverse space.

In the evolving metaverse, the Gen Z generation exhibits a strong desire for virtual self-expression, unbound by the constraints of the physical world. However, they often find themselves restricted by platform-specific avatar creation tools, limited by predefined aesthetics and presets. This is why MT Tower has created a marketplace enabling creators and individuals to craft, trade, and exchange virtual assets, empowering them to construct avatars that authentically reflect their identities.

Created in 2021, MT Tower provides a safe space for brands, influencers, and celebrities to meet and create their influence. MT Tower envisions a world where the possibilities are endless through the metaverse. For MT Tower, the Metaverse is not just a concept but a reality that users can use to shop, socialize, and even work in a virtual environment.

MT Tower’s mission is to redefine how influencers connect with their fans to drive user growth using the most advanced Web3 technology. Through its commitment to cutting-edge innovation, MT Tower has created a platform with a wide range of customization tools to allow users to drive their creativity into the vast virtual space. This platform is becoming both a lifestyle and a gaming sensation for users.

Unlike its predecessors solely utilizing avatars and artificial environments, MT Tower is taking the metaverse concept further by introducing its ‘Real-World Bridges”. The Real-World Bridge is a concept that allows users to teleport to real-world locations that have been scanned into the virtual space. This concept opens endless opportunities for influencers to take their followers into a virtual reality similar to the real world.

In addition to the listing, MT Tower recently collaborated with Xsolla to onboard them as contractors for their entire MT Tower metaverse. This collaboration is set to have its first beta release in April 2024. During this period, the two will invite 50 lucky beta testers to give feedback on the project through engagement in different activities. More announcements will be made in the coming days.


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