Whopping 4.5 Trillion SHIB Moved as Shibarium Partner About to Announce Good News

Yuri Molchan

Anonymous whale shifts eye-popping amount of SHIB to new wallet, leaving crypto community wondering

Whale Alert crypto tracking bot has spotted an astounding lump of Shiba Inu meme coins transferred from one anonymous wallet to another less than an hour ago. Trillions of SHIB were transferred in a single transaction.

In the meantime, Shibarium partner Welly’s, a restaurant chain, is teasing the date of the upcoming opening to the SHIB community.

Trillions of SHIB exchange hands while price surges

A mind-blowing amount of Shiba Inu coins, 4,587,030,677,374 SHIB, has been shifted from one anonymous wallet to another. According to the details revealed by Etherscan, the sender’s wallet was created around two hours ago and contains only four transactions.

The fiat equivalent of the SHIB chunk it transferred constitutes $32,409,665. Since the weekend, Shiba Inu has demonstrated an impressive price surge of nearly 2.5% twice.

The meme coin plunged after the first rise on Saturday and then successfully went up again earlier today; the surge in price was noted by Shiba Inu team official Lucie as she posted a screenshot of a SHIB chart on her Twitter profile, proudly saying “I’m not worried about SHIB.”

Welly’s teases new opening date

SHIB partner Italian fast food chain Welly’s has taken to Twitter to hint that its grand reopening, now that it is rebranded with SHIB integrated, is coming soon and offered the SHIB community to guess when this event will take place.

The tweet by Welly’s contains data with the month and year visible – October 2023 – but the day is replaced with two question marks.

Several commentators under the post suggested that that the opening may take place on Oct. 18, 21 or 23. In any case, nearly all of the named variants fall in this week that has just begun.

Approximately 10 days ago, when the plans for reopening had already been voiced, the lead developer of Shiba Inu, the pseudonymous Shytoshi Kusama, posted a proud tweet about Welly’s and its upcoming relaunch.

Welly’s first partnered with Shiba Inu back in 2021, as one of the major SHIB investors, and decided to rebrand using the image of SHIB and even choosing the Shiba Inu dog as its mascot.

Welly’s intends to integrate Shibarium 

The team spread the word that it plans to open restaurants in new locations to expand its presence. Besides, even before Layer-2 blockchain Shibarium was launched, Welly’s announced that it will integrate as soon as Shibarium is launched.

The official release took place in mid-August this year with a relaunch following since, after the first try, Shibarium crashed under the immense inflow of new users and traffic. In less than two months since launch, Shibarium managed to reach significant milestones in its key metrics, the total count of transactions, connected wallets and mined blocks.

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